Check-In Instructions

The check-in process for all locations are the same except for parking. If you are playing at the East Fishkill Soccer Complex, there is coaches (and referee) parking in the lot in front of the fields on the East side. Only 2 coaches per team will be allowed in this lot. Attendants will be checking names. At East Fishkill Recreation Park, there are no restrictions. 

At registration, coaches will receive a bag containing valuable information from our sponsors as well as items such as a garbage bag. Please encourage your parents to keep their area clean. More bags will be available at the registration desk. The East Fishkill team volunteers will be walking around and removing any bags that are full.

Coaches should get to the complex in time to park and get to the registration tent no less than 30 minutes before kick-off. The registration process can go quickly if you have the following ready to go. We will also need you to provide a cell number that we can reach you on in case of emergency.
  • Your league approved roster with any guest players written on it. Any players not attending should be crossed off. We will keep this roster.

  • Player passes for each player. If you put them in roster order, this would help. Any players not attending should be removed to help speed things along. We will return these.

  • Medical Release forms from your league. We do not require our own. What you have as part of your league's requirement will suffice but they are mandatory and will be checked. We will return these.

  • Guest players

    • Names and DOB should be written on the roster

    • Guest Player Release form should be completed, signed by you, their existing coach and be approved by your league office. Note that if you are borrowing a player from a different league, the other league should approve the form. We will keep this form.

    • Medical Release Form for each player needs to be shown. We will return this.

  • AYSO teams:

    • League approved roster

    • Registration agreement for each player showing their DOB and age group. If they are playing up, a copy of their birth certificate can be shown.

    • Medical Release forms

  • Non-carded players can not play in this tournament because of insurance reasons. Unless you have an approval from the MDT Director and can show it at this event, intramural players will not be accepted.

** Please remember to bring your home and away jerseys **